Yes a large variety of amazing handmade assorted chocolates! 


Top rated bakery from warm and fluffy croissants to decadent cakes and pastries we got the recipe for a truly sweet day.


But this is not your average candy candy shop! Its always More at All Things! This is an amazing two part restaurant that will bring you to another dimension of tasty-ness! We see the smiles that our plates bring to everyone who visits.

 Isn’t it time you stopped by?

The Sweetest Spot

in the South






"Serves as breakfast & lunch/ brunch location. Anything they make that has cream is exceptional. Their cannolis are awesome. So are their crepes. Highly recommended if you are a chocolate aficionado. Lots of desserts. Kids will love this place"

—  Pepe Lepu

Homemade Recipes Crafted on your plate


Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Friday 11AM to 5PM

Saturday - Sunday 9:00AM to 4PM